How To Cast A Casting Director: Tip #1 “Rapport”

When casting a Casting Director, rapport is essential. Whether you are casting SAG actors, Non-Union talent or Real People, you should feel that your Casting Director has a clear vision of your vision. To get a sense of their taste, take a look at a Casting Director’s work, past and present. Talk to them about the casting you want. The right Casting Director for you will make you feel confident and, yes, even excited, about the casting process.

Once you’ve selected your Casting Director, he or she should be looking at talent with your vision in mind, filtered through his or her experienced eye. If you want to be sure the casting is going in the right direction, don’t hesitate to ask to see a bit of the session early. If your Casting Director is using the latest available Internet uploading services, it’s quite simple for them to send you a link of the first few actors they have auditioned. This will give you the chance to give them input if you feel the need to. But be sure to ask for this link early in the preparation process as the Casting Director will need to schedule the talent accordingly.

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